emma rickards


Australian Poster Annual  

A Delicate Balance: Australian Poster Annual - Finalist 2008

So, who's it for and what's it about?

“The survival of all living things requires a delicate balance. A little of this and a little of that, one reliant on the other. However, while Australia’s population increases by the minute, our native flora and fauna are steadily declining. With more endangered species than any other continent, our delicate balance is dangerously teetering, with casualties already too numerous to mention. But have you ever heard a honeyeater make a scene? A growling grass frog cause a commotion? A bilby blow their own trumpet? An orchid do much more than sway? If they could, you know they would. So it’s time to rally for the rock rat, unite for the numbat, question for the quokka, or wail for the whale. Use our strength in numbers to strengthen their numbers - and if it could the world would say, thanks a million.”

From ‘A Delicate Balance’, in response to the Australian Poster Annual 2008 theme ‘Strength in Numbers’.